Who are we ?

The table napkins offered in recent years by Scarlette Ateliers have taken up their new homes with Suzette, a flight towards the light, under the spotlight.

After many years spent in textile production workshops, we have noticed that gigantic stocks of fabrics are lying dormant in the warehouses of manufacturing factories. The reasons are multiple, the color does not conform to the prototype, the design is too large or too small, over-production or minor defects...

Limited and irregular quantities but often sufficient for a small production. It seemed important to us to find a use for these abandoned rolls. We wanted a simple but effective and useful product. An object that would replace a single-use and everyday object.

Drawing on Scarlette Ateliers's experience in tableware, the napkin is an attractive product as long as it is original. It embellishes, illuminates and gives a tone to a table. A product with a positive impact, useful and collectible.

An original gift, a timeless one, a must-have for some.

Suzette's mission is therefore to use these ends of rolls and fabric scraps by offering an alternative to disposable paper napkins. Ethics and circularity guide our journey towards a more sustainable future for our planet and consumption habits.