Suzette small napkins - for holiday tables and family Sundays. A note to dress up the muted tones, illuminate the similar services, the snowy houses, a dot of whipped cream on the tip of a nose.

To collect, to exchange, to accumulate, to wrap a bun, to protect a neck, to swaddle a gift, to decorate a table, to collect splashes, to dab the corner of the lip. Scarves from the wisps of wind, furoshikis under christmas trees.

We have worked with the same workshops for many years and use fabrics from stocks abandoned by the textile industry .

In a small set of 4, linked and made from upcycled fabrics. Survivors from the bottom of drawers, gleaned from the ends of rolls, sleeping in the corner of workshops, saved from the mountain of oblivion. For beauty, without wasting paper napkins. We do not use plastic and even the packaging is made from recycled materials.

Cheap, simple, practical everyday objects. A palette between the plates, reusable and machine washable!

A single price, easy as pie.

Colors, flowers, arabesques, patterns that are selected and enhanced depending on the season . Each pattern is available in quantities which depend on the rolls found, end of series, limited editions.