Use reclaimed and deadstock fabrics

End of rolls for the beginnings of stories, the little Suzette napkins are handmade, saving these witnesses of textile know-how from oblivion.

With experience in the textile industry, the idea of ​​finding a valuable use for these fabrics was a priority.

Upcycled fabrics into four pieces of joy, for dancing tables and colorful table settings. An easy, simple, always useful, durable , beautiful gift, from yourself to yourself or from yourself to others, tied with a red cotton rope. We do not use plastic and even the packaging is made from recycled materials .

Work with workshops that share our values

Handmade , with respect and love for traditions and textile know-how .

Woven on wooden looms, printed using the blockprint or screen printing technique right down to the fingertip-rolled edge finishes. We have worked hand in hand, with the same family workshops around the world for many years.

Beautify your table

For festive tables on Sundays and family Sundays. A note to dress up the muted tones illuminating the dinner services, the snowy houses, a dot of whipped cream on the tip of a nose.

To collect, to exchange, to accumulate, to wrap a bun, to protect a neck, to swaddle a gift, to decorate a table , to collect splashes, to dab the corner of the lip.

Replace the disposable napkin

Colors, flowers, arabesques, patterns that are printed and enhanced depending on the season. Each pattern is available in quantities which depend on the rolls found, limited edition.

In a small set of 4, linked and made from upcycled fabrics. Survivors from the bottom of drawers, gleaned from the ends of rolls, sleeping in the corners of workshops, saved from the assembly of oblivion. For beauty without wasting paper napkins.

A gift from yourself to yourself, or from yourself to others, a collection of treasures to cherish, which age with the years.

Easy care and accessible product

Affordable, simple, practical everyday objects. A palette between the plates for those who like to entertain their guests in color.

They are machine washable for any good housewife, it is also possible to prefer the dryer to the good old washing line.

Single price, easy as pie.

Whatever the model, color or material.